There’s a few changes to b00mb0x as part of this version, which is taking a lot longer to complete than I had hoped.

Anyway, the most important one is registered user voting. If you’re registered and logged in (the links are on the right of the main page, under meta), you can vote on mixes on a scale of one to ten. This should really help us out with the awards at the end of the year, which had been getting really complicated with multiple rounds of voting and the single transferrable voting system with 3 weighted preferences, screening for fraud and the voting bringing the rest of the site to a halt for two months. There will still be a special awards vote of some sort, but it will be a helluva lot simplier and shorter because of this (I hope!). So if you haven’t registered, you may want to.

The next one is collapsing AJAX comments on any page, even the main page. Clicking the + link beside the comments, will load the comments in the middle of the page, right there, without you needing to go to the individual mix page. You still need to do that to comment, though.

The last change is clickable smilies in the comments area. Nuff said. Feedback, negative and positive is welcomed :).