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Change your password and mail settings. 

Mixers can request b00mb0x.org or bmbx.org email addresses and mailboxes by emailing us at siteops at b00mb0x.org.


66 Responses to “ Email ”

  1. DJ Droid says:

    hiya I gather things have changed a bit was trying to login but forgot my p/w still waiting for update p/w email. will that happen? wanted to add a mix like my NFU from bmbx.org/2007/12/nfu/ .
    is this still possible? let us know.
    cheers droid

  2. swamp says:

    droid, email sent with ftp info

  3. Briscoe says:

    I lost my bookmarks, what is the FTP site to download to? Thanks,

  4. bong says:

    message sent 😉

  5. Tivert2014 says:

    I lost my email for Tivert (3 mixes on B00mb0x)… I am trying to set up an account for Tivert2014, but am struggling. where is the option to post my new mix???

  6. swamp says:

    tivert, info emailed to u

  7. shining steve says:

    Hi, I forgot to add tags for my Head Spin mix, please tag as Deep House, Tech House, Techno, House, thanks!

  8. moniker.prime says:


    I am a rather new DJ based in Chicago and I just stumbled onto your amazing site. I was wondering what one needs to do to get their mixes added to the community? I could not find a simple way to create a post or tag and it appears to be moderated by a few users who add mixes they find. Below is the link to my soundcloud and the mixes that I’d like to add are my Through the Waves series in addition to In Search of Laura Mvula.


    Please let me know what I need to do in order to join this awesome community. Thanks,

    Moniker Prime (Ryan McAdam)

  9. swamp says:

    ryan, info emailed to u

  10. Warvadal says:

    Hello. Is there a b00mb0x rota – Jan to Dec 2017? Thanks.

  11. Dj Robb-O says:

    Good morning, i would like to submit a mix to the blog/ site, how do i?

  12. swamp says:

    hi robb-o. details emailed. swamps

  13. DJ Droid says:

    Put a mix on the server yesterday 🙂 hope you like it!
    havent done one for awhile (life and all that) Anyway heres my email as it may have changed since my last upload

  14. betterman says:

    Hi, I’d like to submit a mix, can you please email me details? pappas99@gmail.com


  15. swamp says:

    hi betterman. upload details emailed 2 u. swamps

  16. steve townsend says:

    Hi, I uploaded a mix about a week ago, will it be posted soon?

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