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  1. DJ Droid says:

    hiya I gather things have changed a bit was trying to login but forgot my p/w still waiting for update p/w email. will that happen? wanted to add a mix like my NFU from .
    is this still possible? let us know.
    cheers droid

  2. swamp says:

    droid, email sent with ftp info

  3. Briscoe says:

    I lost my bookmarks, what is the FTP site to download to? Thanks,

  4. bong says:

    message sent 😉

  5. Tivert2014 says:

    I lost my email for Tivert (3 mixes on B00mb0x)… I am trying to set up an account for Tivert2014, but am struggling. where is the option to post my new mix???

  6. swamp says:

    tivert, info emailed to u

  7. shining steve says:

    Hi, I forgot to add tags for my Head Spin mix, please tag as Deep House, Tech House, Techno, House, thanks!

  8. says:


    I am a rather new DJ based in Chicago and I just stumbled onto your amazing site. I was wondering what one needs to do to get their mixes added to the community? I could not find a simple way to create a post or tag and it appears to be moderated by a few users who add mixes they find. Below is the link to my soundcloud and the mixes that I’d like to add are my Through the Waves series in addition to In Search of Laura Mvula.

    Please let me know what I need to do in order to join this awesome community. Thanks,

    Moniker Prime (Ryan McAdam)

  9. swamp says:

    ryan, info emailed to u

  10. Warvadal says:

    Hello. Is there a b00mb0x rota – Jan to Dec 2017? Thanks.

  11. Dj Robb-O says:

    Good morning, i would like to submit a mix to the blog/ site, how do i?

  12. swamp says:

    hi robb-o. details emailed. swamps

  13. DJ Droid says:

    Put a mix on the server yesterday 🙂 hope you like it!
    havent done one for awhile (life and all that) Anyway heres my email as it may have changed since my last upload

  14. betterman says:

    Hi, I’d like to submit a mix, can you please email me details?


  15. swamp says:

    hi betterman. upload details emailed 2 u. swamps

  16. steve townsend says:

    Hi, I uploaded a mix about a week ago, will it be posted soon?

  17. Pat the Dog says:

    Hey, is there something up with the javascript on this site? My virus checker flags the cache as a suspected trojan, and Safari frequently crashes. Is it just me?

  18. swamp says:

    not just you, pat. i’ve been getting trojan messages from AVG recently, but it seems to have stopped now…

  19. Pat the Dog says:

    Disabling Javascript in Safari seems to sort the virus warnings and hopefully avoid me being frogmarched out of the office by the IT manager.

  20. shining steve says:

    I got blocked from using boombox at work for a while but it seems to be OK now.

  21. shining steve says:

    Have the upload details changed? I can’t connect to the server with the ones I have saved.

  22. swamp says:

    details ain’t changed steve. i just logged on normally with no issues

  23. shining steve says:

    Hi swamp, would you mind sending them to me please? I recently did a clean reinstall on my laptop so probably ended up with old details. Thanks!

  24. shining steve says:

    Nevermind, I found them in an old email.

  25. shining steve says:

    Hi, I think the site may be infected with malware, the home page is OK but as soon as I click on any of the mixes I get a window asking me to enter my credentials with messages about my computer having a virus.

  26. shining steve says:

    Yay it’s back! Thanks to all who’ve worked to get b00mb0x back online, I’ve missed it.

  27. shining steve says:

    Has the login for the ftp changed? I used the old one and Filezilla said login was incorrect.

  28. swamp says:

    at present we are a partially operating mothership. hopefully we will be fully operational soon…

  29. STEVEN THORNE says:

    Welcome back! Happy New Year! So glad I thought it was an end of another era 😉

  30. shining steve says:

    Nice one! I look forward to full operations 🙂

  31. bong says:

    viva! l’b00mb0x!!

  32. Warvadal says:

    Viva! All Hail!

  33. Hidden Persuaders says:

    hello all, welcome back!

  34. wvlfpvp says:

    The return!

  35. djrdgb says:

    Ariba! Boombox is back! Glad you persevered. You have been missed.

  36. ooh.. back up? how do I upload? I just finished Green Cheese Vol 100 and would love to post it here. It seems last upload was Mar. 2018. Still taking new uploads? If so I need to get updates on how to upload. Cheers!

  37. matrix says:

    Hi Mr Cheese.
    This one is sitting with me. I’ve been keeping the site ticking over with hosting payments, but the problems that took us down are way above my IT experience. I’m not even sure how we came back up again, so moving on to the rest like restarting ftp etc is going to take some serious learning or outside help. Right now life is too turbulent for that 🙂 But i’ll do it…otherwise i’m tipping hosting money down the drain

  38. Vepik says:

    Hello old friends! Hopefully some of you still recognize the name 😉

    I’d like to upload some mixes picking up where I left off. How do I go about doing this? I can’t for the life of me remember my login credentials for anything.

    So good to see you all still here!
    – Vepik

  39. bong says:

    hi vepik

    unfortunately the site still has issues so till that time they can be overcome there will be no more new uploads to the site. sadly

    hope all’s well with you 😉

  40. Warvadal says:

    Everybody stay safe out there. Peace n Love.

  41. matrix says:

    Using the Covid-19 isolation time to try to see if I can get the site back up. No promises. My main worry is not getting it functioning, I think i’ll be able to do that – it’s how to protect and secure it, which looks complicated. Bear with me.


    When was Matrix mix 16 More Bass posted?

  43. swamp says:

    virus is back…

  44. protos says:

    Hey Matrix,

    Just wanted to say that if you need any financial support keeping the site up and running – let me know. Zumbar is also more than happy to help out with any technical work that needs to be done.
    We’re brothers in ‘real’ life. You know where we are if you need us.

    Loving your new mixes. ‘Here come the planes’ – love it.


  45. Ken Masters says:


    Great to see Bmbx still going strong, cannot believe my last upload was 2007!

    Have got back into Djing after a long layoff, is it possible to upload at the moment?



  46. Hidden Persuaders says:

    Hi Ken

    would love to hear your new stuff man. still got that Pottie Toes mix and listen to it every few years. Burned to disc as well ! Fantastic mix, cheers hp

  47. wvlfpvp says:

    So… it’s been a hot minute, but I’ve made some newer mixes recently… is uploading A Thing right now?

  48. Warvadal says:

    B00mb0x is in need of some loving for a lot of folks needing to express themselves during these challenging times. Peace.

  49. DJ XNet says:

    Hi Matrix,
    it’s been a long while since I’ve been active on the site. But I still come back every once in a while.I just noticed some downloads missing from my MP3 collection and I’m very grateful that you’re keeping the site and the files up.
    Have a Merry Christmas!

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