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Mixers can request or email addresses and mailboxes by emailing us at siteops at


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  1. ranc says:

    im wanting to upload a new mix
    its been a while
    is it still through the ftp?

  2. swamp says:

    ranc, its still ftp, although the details may hav changed. pm siteops thru the forum fer updated details

  3. Smeerkees says:

    Is it possible to upload your own mix here?

  4. bong says:

    you’ll need to ask for the ftp details via the bmbx forum situated on facebook

  5. djtec says:

    after a computer crash i lost my login, pass, … to upload my mixes 🙁
    where can i get the new stuff?

  6. bong says:

    iv’e sent you an email
    failing that PM me/siteops here

  7. EdEd says:

    U R da BOMB! Thank you so very much! What a GREAT collection of a GREAT DJ! Thanks again!

  8. djtec says:

    new mix is on your server

  9. Sean says:

    I’ve posted here as Rogan Josh, but I can’t remember my login details (or FTP.)

    I’ve a couple of mixes I’d like to upload. Ta.

  10. Firestopper says:

    Hi all.
    Was gonna do this on the forum but cant locate it ?
    Tried the addy on bongs post ^^^^ but no good.

    Just wanted to say a huge thank you to Naz & all the moderators & assorted Santas little helpers for all the amazin work you do on here year round.
    Yer all top, top fellas for sure.

    And of course to all the mixers n fixers, thank you also, for sharing your prodigious talents with us less talented types.

    S’been emotional.
    May you all prosper in this coming year.

    Stay classy. Neil. 🙂

  11. solcofn says:

    I can’t comment on Vepik’s new mix…and I want to!! 😉

  12. hey guys, I just uploaded a new mix (Green Cheese Vol 56 – My Mind Went Snap!) and I even tried to subscribe. Set up an Alert Pay account and everything but says you don’t accept credit cards… I gave up on subscribing. Too much work. But new mix is uploaded. I will just have to live without stickiness 🙁 So sad.

    Mr. Green Cheese

  13. bong says:

    thanks anyway fella

  14. Edward says:

    I’m not sure what the done thing is these days but I’ve uploaded a new mix to the FTP site ready for posting. Thanks guys.

  15. bong says:

    cool fella.. i’m sure it’ll be spotted and up’d by this week’s eagle eyed siteOp in no time :mrgreen:

  16. dj dust says:

    Hi guys, can you tell me how to edit tags on my latest mix? Or is this something that’s done by yourselves?


    Dustie 🙂

  17. bong says:

    hi there

    we have to add the tags, so just leave the relevant tag info in your latest mix comments box and we’ll do the rest.. cheers

  18. dj dust says:

    will do, thanks muchly! 🙂

  19. dj dust says:

    Hi again, my new mix REBOOT vol 2 is showing as a podcast in the top right but it’s not coming up on the main page. Is this normal? Cheers… 🙂

  20. bong says:

    it is on the main page just scroll down 20 entries… the reason is subscribers have been given priority.

    all explained at the top of the page in the main body of Naz’s post, at the start of this thread.

    “New Mixes are listed chronologically on the podcast link on the right.

    Bmbx is entirely free, we do ask people that use it a lot to consider donating $4 bucks a month by clicking the button below. Anybody who helps out on the site or subscribes gets priority “stickiness”, meaning their posts are higher on the archive hierarchy, which is only fair!

    New mixers who subscribe for the first time should let us know in comments just after joining. Just say, “I’ve subscribed”, no personal details please.”

    hope this helps

  21. dj dust says:

    Gotcha, ok I’ve signed up to AlertPay, and it’s doing my head in! It seems it won’t let me make a donation by card as it says you don’t accept card payments, so I’m trying to find a way to transfer from my card to my AlertPay balance – and there just doesn’t seem to be an option anywhere…


  22. bong says:

    oh dear. not sure i can offer any help there mate. we used to use p@yp@l but they won’t let us use them no more. maybee try their, alertpay, helpline?

  23. dj dust says:

    Am having no luck here at all. Can’t I just send someone a private Paypal payment?

  24. mr green cheese says:

    hey guys. I have a new Green Cheese mix I would like to upload. Can no longer ftp in. Says bad pass. I also can’t login to email you guys and it won’t email me a pass. Can you help me out? You should have my email on record. Thanks.

  25. swamp says:

    ftp password has been changed due to a security issue. i’ve emailed u new password

  26. alexwhat says:

    hey… i’ve just signed up and would like to drop a tape by you guys. can you email me the details pls…

    Cheers. Alex What

  27. bong says:

    hi alex
    info has been sent to your email

  28. Timeloop says:

    guys i cant seem to log into my ftp for the site.
    any chance my mixer details can be sent to
    timeloop at hotmail dot co dot uk

    Many thanks

  29. swamp says:

    details sent 😉

  30. wal says:

    Can you confirm my mix has been sent please?

  31. Warvadal says:

    Hiya, Wal. Yes. Mix was received. Well post soon. Peace.

  32. DJHDD says:

    Hey guys I’d like to upload a mix but it’s been so long I cannot remember my password or how to upload.

  33. bong says:

    hi hdd
    message sent to you 😉

  34. thepornsubfolder says:

    Hi there,
    I’d like to upload/introduce our work, it would be an honor to see any of our stuff on your page. Can you send me the details of the uploading process?

  35. bong says:

    hi pornsubfolder

    we’ll need your email please

    blah blah AT blah DOT etc


  36. Briscoe says:

    Please send me the updated info for uploads, my new mix is burning a hole in my hard drive. Thanks,

  37. swamp says:

    info sent 😉

  38. Timeloop says:

    hey, is it possible to have the new user/pass for uploading please. i cant seem to access through ftp ♫

  39. bong says:

    hi dude
    email sent

  40. Vepik says:

    Hey! It’s been a while, but I have a new mix I’d like to upload. Any chance I can get the latest FTP login info? Thanks!

  41. bong says:

    email sent

  42. ian says:

    Hi my email has been rejecting my p/w for a week. Can someone help me out?

  43. bong says:

    can’t promise anything cos naz was in charge of the email side of things and he’s sadly no longer with us.. but i will try my best to see if i can sort summit

  44. bong says:

    right then
    looked into it and there’s no joy mate..
    all i can say is no, sorry

  45. ian says:

    Naz was my cousin Eugene he set it up for me in about 2002. gutted!

  46. bong says:

    sorry mate. when eug left us he took with him a few things and the bmbx email was one of them..

  47. Benchmark says:

    Hi, have the upload details changed for the ftp, my details no longer seem to work. Thanks

  48. swamp says:

    benchmark, email sent

  49. Briscoe says:

    I should take a cue from the movie Memento and tattoo it on my arm, my wife deleted the last email you sent with the password. Please send again. Thanks in advance!

  50. swamp says:

    briscoe, email sent

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