We’re going to re-instate the limit of one mix per month per mixer from the start of 2007. The number of mixes went a little crazy recently, and I for one had trouble giving everything a listen. It’s probably a good thing for the quality levels as well as the listening time. “Leave ’em wanting more” as somebody somewhere probably said sometime.

A reminder, too, of some of the things that can help us befuddled siteops when you upload or self-post your mixes:

  • only upload your next mix to the server (don’t clutter it with all the ones you want posted after that)
  • cover art is not mandatory, but helps the site and your mix to look good…depending on the picture 😉
  • please keep your covers under 300 KB and in jpeg, gif or png format

Cheers! The b00mb0x siteops.