There’s a very large mix queue and both myself and assorted don’t have any net access at the moment from our homes. b00mb0x trundles along regardless of course but maybe some people may be wondering why their mixes haven’t been posted.

From now on we’re posting the mixes in the order in which we’ve received them. It’s nice if you made a mix for your grandmas birthday that you’d like posted before or on a certain date, but it’s not something we can do without leapfrogging some poor fucker. Besides, that might be the day I’ve chosen to spend snorting cocaine from the bellybutton of Welshman.

The easiest way to see your place in the queue is to log onto the ftp and sort by date modified. This is fair and you can rightly chastise us as the mean assholes we are if you are subsequently skipped.

I’d really like if folks got their covers in below 200 k in size and 1600 px in width because it really cuts down on the time it takes to post new content. Theres a mix with a 5 mb cover that I’ll have to post without a cover because i have no image editors on my laptop at the moment. If the cover is compressed and sized for the web before it gets here, I can post there and then, from where ever. Maybe we can include a link to print quality cd covers with mixes soon but not right now.

I’ll summarise this in the FAQ when I can.

P.S : Some recent mix links are dead temporarily while we rotate the mixes.