Just letting you know that the archive server is going to be down at least until I get my next paycheck (about a week and a half). This hard drive is acting totally funky and now I’m scared it’s just going to die so I’m pulling it out of the computer altogether. If naz told you about a way to get older mixes this summerhttp://b00mb0x.org. I notice that’s still possible.

This won’t affect our Christmas plans, which I should mention here:

Come December 1 b00mb0x will only be dealing in 2 things – Mixes nominated for awards and Christmas mixes. Everything else new is gonna disappear or not be put on the site until January. It’s like we’re taking December off for awards and good cheer! If you’d like to make a Christmas mix, we’ll post that, but that’s it in December (and their are a lovely amount of xmas mixes already, I’m happy to report).