Using Movable Type

Movable Type is a content management system which allows the user to publish text and images to a website without having to use HTML.

Go to to log on.

Login using your username and password.

In the Main menu, choose which blog you wish to publish to.
B00mB0x controls the main news page of the site; new mixes, remixes and intros for articles are posted here. B00MBL0G is the actual web
, where the new articles are posted.

From the main editing menu you have access to most of the
publishing tools. To make a new entry in the blog, choose New Entry.

Fill in the Title field and enter the text of the new entry in the window called Entry Body. Select a piece of text and use the B, i, U and Url buttons to make the selection bold, italic, underlined or a link.
To upload and insert an image choose Upload File on the menu to the right. Use the browse button to locate the picture you want to upload on your computer. Leave the local archive and local site fields blank. Choose Upload.
Choose SHOW ME THE HTML. If your image is very large choose popup image, if you want it embedded in the entry choose embedded
Copy/Paste the code from the image window into the new entry.
width=412/>Finish writing and uploading images until your entry is complete. At the bottom of the page Choose SAVE occasionally. Make sure the dropdown menu is set to PUBLISH not DRAFT.

Your entry should now be on the site