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Hey folks, its been too long since we’ve had a revamp. I need to have a conversation with as many contributors, donators, listeners, posting staff, admins, developers and owners. As traffic, seems to be down, I’m not going to leave this post up for the complete month of November. I’ll start the ball rolling; of course you can address any points that the purpose of this is to collect your own opnions and to make changes that we benefit the site in the long run. I’m on painkillers for my youth ATM, so apologies for my selling and syntax.




Hi all, we provide free hosting of 1000s of mixes for your listening pleasure and are always interested in new talent. We use FTP to send files (FireFox has a handy plugin for this). Post your email address in the comments using AT and spaces of course to join. If your comment doesn’t appear right away, don’t worry.

lovingly crafted mixes & mixtapes

New Mixes are listed chronologically on the podcast link on the right.

Bmbx is entirely free, we do ask people that use it a lot to consider donating to our payza acccount, usable with any credit card at

Hi All,
Thanks to all our subscribers for keeping us afloat for our 10th year. Renewal time is approaching fast, so any donations/subscriptions, little or large are appreciated. Paypal address recipient Thanks!


Mixers, to celebrate 10 years of b00mb0x bong and I invite you to take part in a very special collaboration.

Bong will be taking submissions of mini-mixes lasting twenty minutes or less and collating them into 1 or more larger mixes for release in February. Let’s all show off our collective talents!

The folder is on the FTP entitled “10 Year Mix Project Folder”. Closing date is 24th of this month. Please ensure the filename contains your mixer name and is preferably in wav format. That’s it, just fill the 20 minutes with what you feel like!


Edit: Increased maximum time from 10 to 20 minutes.