Geezermexxer: Since the mashup was actually born out of the “Intro’s”, I’m offering these as two seperate mixes in one mp3!
Nothing technically dazzling, just the typical straight-forward slice and dice that I guess I’m best known for.And if this inspires a bit more of the razzle-dazzle that I know a lot of you mixers out there are capable of, please feel free to express yourself with what I’ve done.
I’ll look forward to hearing any of the improvements or enchancements anyone might have.And so, for your dining and dancing pleasure:
The Geez vs The Beatles – Intros and MashUp Combo
00:00 – 06:51 The Beatles Intro’s
A rapid-fire romp thru SEVENTY (70) of The Beatle’s songs introductions.

07:00 – 27:06
A easier flowing compilation mix of some Beatles music inspired when putting together the Beatles Intro’s mix.