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The Rolling Stones vs. The Neptunes vs. Louie Austen + Peaches vs. White Horse vs. Technotronic

This new mixer introduces himself: DJ Shir Khan (Berlin, Germany) refuses to adhere to artificial musical boundaries and is constantly searching for fresh and innovative ways to blur the lines between genres.DJ Shir Khan strives to avoid stereotypes in his music and upholds a common Boomselection philosophy by saying, “I don’t set any boundaries with my music. I play all genres. Music is universal — it’s just separated by different tempos.”At home, Shir Khan also makes some hybrid remixes and bootlegs . Then he loves, as he says, ‘to fuse everything together: the good with the bad, the old with the new.” Allusions to hip hop, incursions in famous hits and experimental breaks are melded together. Have a listen and check out his bastard pop-track “Sympathy For My Shaft”, a mash-up of The Rolling Stones, The Neptunes, Fatboy Slim, Louie Austen + Peaches, Laid Back and Technotronic.

Jagger always had erection problems, but with “The Teaches Of Peaches” and a little help from Louie he will never ever sing again the song of “I Can’t Get No Satisfaction”. Pump up this jam! Jagger has sympathy for his shaft. Grab it hard in the early morn’. Yiha!