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  1. Warvadal says:

    Having, yet another toast of this. MERRY CHRISTMAS…Everyone.

  2. bong says:

    awwww thanks man

  3. warvadal says:

    Still ROYAL!

  4. Whakamarumaru says:

    ALL the best Music in the best place Of all, Always available….

  5. Hidden Persuaders says:

    Just played this again, still aweswome after all these years. Now found all my old copies of Bong’s xmas mixes to go through. Hope u r keepin well fella, wherever you are

  6. Hidden Persuaders says:

    cheers man,. nice one. Just about to play your Snow Signals for xmas 2023. 🙂 Merry Xmas to all

  7. Whakamarumaru says:

    I can’t believe I missed this to start with..
    Oh well, good tidings = good finds, again..!!

    Good cHEER TO ALL…

  8. bong says:

    cheers fellas
    merry chrimbo to you all
    and thanks as ever for listening

    been playing these whilst driving about plus others

    ho ho hope yous have a lovely one

  9. warvadal says:

    Cheers HP. Merry Christmas to all and a happy, happy, New Year.

  10. warvadal says:

    All Hail! A Godfather Christmas. I Love. Still. Even within my old age. Peace forever B00mb0x….

  11. Whakamarumaru says:

    Jan 21 2024….
    This will make a “revamp” on my 64th birthday..!
    FVKN Wicked..
    FVKN Choice..
    FVKN Cheers..!

  12. Whakamarumaru says:

    Cheers my musical Brother.!

  13. Whakamarumaru says:

    ___AND___ A DECADE (+ a few days), all 3 will be played on my 64th Birthday..!



  14. warvadal says:

    It’s a JOY to know that some of us old guys (smile) are still around. Happy 64th! If I don’t make it around. Peace n blessings.

  15. warvadal says:

    H.P., another Christmas. Next year this one will be 10years old. I am wishing many, many, more. Happy New year! peace.

  16. Whakamarumaru says:

    Most fitting to see the Decade out..!

  17. Whakamarumaru says:

    Loved this when d/l’d yrs ago, & coming across it tonight (10/01:2308 hrs), just HAD to do a regrab….

  18. Whakamarumaru says:

    Loved this when d/l’d yrs ago, & coming across it tonight (10/01:2308 hrs), just HAD to do a regrab….

  19. kreuzspitz says:

    I found my iPad again after a few years and rediscovered this long-forgotten page in my favourites.
    What a joy. I hope there will be more mixes from this series….

  20. Whakamarumaru says:

    (2 decades after The Conception of this mixtape session of 3 sets)…

    ___AND___ This bunch of clowns thought they knew “Music”, yet had to sit there and “ask ME” who THAT artist was/is …

    I love All the looks of astonishment on their faces (& the faces of others in the background) about “supposed knowledge” of music (& then I tell them that I’m senile)…

  21. Hidden Persuaders says:

    Ah man, thank you. Glad it’s still being enjoyed. Not done a mix for a few years now but just been on here and downloaded some Ken Master mixes for old time sake. Peace to you and yours, hp

  22. Hidden Persuaders says:

    This is still a great listen Ken, cheers hp

  23. warvadal says:

    I’ve been listing to this for the past few weeks. It’s still a Classic groove and more enjoyable each listening. Peace n cheers, Bong whatever, whenever, wherever, forever.

  24. bong says:

    weirdly enough i had this mix on in the car recently.. made me laugh

    thanks warv, always good to hear from ya fella

    hope all’s good yr end

  25. warvadal says:

    H.P, Cheers! I also enjoy the digs here on the b00mb0x. I have a lot of starts and stops with new mixes. Hey, you never know, I might get one finished. All is well and I hope likewise on your end. Peace.

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