Cue file

Cue File

Seasonal mix from Assorted


Sparse and tender acoustic mix by Assorted. Features songs with singing. And Weezer. Again.

Location: NYC, USA


My Wedding: The Mix Tape Pt 2,

My Wedding: The Mix Tape Pt 3 

Review by JackUzi:

It’s K-Tel’s Assorted’s Greatest Hits Pt 1! Pt 2!! and Pt 3!!! Part 1 is the appetiser with lotsa cute love ballads. Includes tracks from Weezer, Lou Reed and Van Morrisson. Part 2 picks the tempo up with some rock, dance and shake that booty-booty music complete with exhortations to “pump that pussy” which I’m sure will go down a treat with the aunties. Tracks from Beck, 2 Live Crew and Macy Gray. Part 3 carries on in the same vein before finishing off with some neo-fascist jack-booted stormtrooper anthem. Just in case you were under the impression this mix was made for a wedding or something. Oh yeah, more fucking Weezer on this part too.


I continue my quest to make music for each part of the day of Spring because I’m a fucking insane freak. Includes tracks by This Mortal Coil, The Vaselines and Pavement.


Towlie! Male Models! Teenage Sex! Michael Jackson! What else you want? Assorted tears ACID a new ass in the first feelgood mix of the summah. Epic!!!


Review by assorted:

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s an angry rap mix! Features tracks by DMX, Wu-Tang Clan, Public Enemy & Atari Teenage Riot.



My mixed response to WTC. Um. That was such a bad pun. Dang!

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