Location: Um, not the US
Website: http://www.deepdiscoforce.com
Comments: In a distant galaxy, many light years away, flourished a community of planentary systems known as the “Electro Mashup Funk Federation”. They spread funk and happiness to their subjects.All was well, until a sinister society know as “The Hardcore Republic” came into existence. It came to pass that the growing conflict that developed between these two orders erupted into an acoustic war of galactic proportions.

The “Hardcore Republic”, aided by the “Happy House & Trance Confederation” gained control and subjected all of those in its path to mind numbing beats and cheesy tunes of aural torture.

It seemed that all was lost and that the federation would be destroyed. Until a mighty mashup resistance developed, equipped with its awesome weapons of acoustic justice.

This spankadelic resistance was soon to be know to all as the legendary “DEEP DISCO FORCE”.