10000 Spoons

Small but perfectly formed mix from 10k spoons

You know they don’t give a fork about anybody else. From 10000 spoons

Location: South of England
Website: http://www.10000spoons.tk/
Mixers Comments: I’m a 28-year-old amateur DJ/producer/purveyor of fine bootlegs from the South of England. I’ve been making “professional-sounding” bootlegs since June 2003 (when I discovered Acid). I’ve been playing about with DJ mixes since 1989, when I recorded my first ever bootleg using a cheap Casio sampler/keyboard, an ancient turntable, a five pin DIN lead (whatever that is) and a tape recorder, which prior to this, was attached to my ZX Spectrum. (For the record, the bootleg was INXS – Need You Tonight with a synth sound borrowed from Inner City – Big Fun. I have vague recollections of having to put my ear as close as possible to the turntable so I could hear the needle playing the record and try to get the stuff I was doing on the keyboard in time, as for some obscure reason I had to detach the speakers to make this mix. (Yes, it sounds like it was made by a fourteen-year-old. No, I’m not uploading it.) I’ve been fascinated with the art of making bootlegs and DJ mixes ever since, using such state-of-the-art technology as a karaoke machine with a variable-speed tape deck, a Technics turntable with +/-1 adjustable pitch which cost me about twenty quid from Cash Converters and the MixVibes freeware mp3 mixer, until I discovered Acid. No, not the drug.

10000 spoons with a pumping dancefloor debut