If you have six or more mixes posted on b00mb0x, we will give you a log in directly to the mix server if you email us at siteops at b00mb0x.org. No more waiting around for posting and if you want to post an prayer mix on Good Friday, you can (eww). It’s very easy, but like with anything, it might seem complicated at first glance. Someone can usually help you in the chat if you get stuck, hopefully this tutorial is crystal clear.

  • 1. Make sure you are registered and logged in. If you scroll to the bottom of the home page and see your name under Who’s Online, you’re good to go. Email us when you have this done and we’ll give you the FTP details to the new server and bump up your account on wordpress to allow you to post on the front page.
    2. FTP your mix using the new details in the usual way. Make sure to include your mixer name in the file name, we usually add them for people that forget at the moment.
  • 3. Log into WordPress. The default page is the dashboard, ignore that, it’s BS. The second link at the top is write. Choose write post.
  • 4. Enter the title of your mix in title.
    5. At the right, press the plus beside Categories. Uncheck Uncategorized and check the box beside your mixer name. If it’s an alias, add the category (1 alias per mixer).
  • Me Mix
  • 6. Below the post field, there’s an upload field. Enter the title of the mix for title and description. Browse for your cover and upload it. In a few ticks, you should see a thumbnail representation of the cover, click it once and it will bring up 5 options. Change the second option to linked to image and close options. Drag and Drop the image into the post field. Repeat for insert, back and disc, if you use them.
  • screenshot2.gif
  • 7. Under the mix cover type the title of the mix. Highlight it/select it. Click the insert link button as illustrated in the third screenshot of this tutorial. Link URL will be http://mixers.b00mb0x.org/thenameofyourmix.mp3. Leave the second option as it is. Enter the mix name as the title. Click Insert.
  • Me Mix
  • 8. Nearly there. Crtl + A to select the entire post field and choose the center formating tool, it’s two buttons to the left of the insert link button you just used.
  • 9. Under the post body, press Publish.
  • 10. View Site and test your link and cover. Click the comments link and paste your tracklist if you have one. Ctrl+a to select all and press the em button to italicise it and submit the comment. Bob’s yer mother’s brother. Fanny is your Aunt.

That’s it. All things being equal, if you follow the above steps that’s it. Here’s the solutions to common problems that might prevent your mix being displayed properly.

1. Your covers might be too large and be rejected by the upload tool. Use an image editing tool to compress them in jpg or gif format and try again.

2. Your thumbnail covers might have one bigger than the other. On the b00mb0x front page, click edit beside your mix. When the post loads in wordpress, press the HTML button and change the height of the images to the same value.

3. Bad link. Make sure you have the file name correct. A good way to do this is to right click the file in your FTP program, choose rename and copy and paste the title. Watch out for extra spaces as well as trailing characters. Make sure .mp3 is at the end of the file.

4. If the drag and drop doesn’t work with the images, click send to editor instead.
Conditions of posting your own content.

1) Don’t get annoyed if you are blog-knocked (a term assorted invented). It’s when somebody else comes along on the same day and knocks your mix off the top. If you’re peveed, go back to letting us post your mixes for you.

2) Allow comments.

3) Don’t delete anything except mistakes made by yourself.

4) Keep additional info and comments to the comments, not the post body.

5) All the current site rules about submitting mixes apply.