Hey, hey it’s nearly that time again! As there are so many mixes this year, we are going to run two rounds of nominations before posting the finalists for best mix.

The first phase of nominations, starting from today until the 14th of November involves those mixers with multiple mixes posted in the period between the 1st of November, 2004 and now nominating one of their mixes to be put forward to the second stage. Mixers with only one mix posted between those dates need not nominate. If a mixer fails to nominate, we’ll just enter the last mix they put forward.

The second stage of nomination involves b00mb0x mixers choosing eight mixes from the ones put forward to go through to the public vote. This begins on the 15th of November. Public voting begins on the 1st of December.


Update: Mixers that haven’t registered on the forum should if they want a vote in the second round.

Update 2: Categories in this years awards:

BEST MIX – (self/mixer nominated)
BEST MIXER – (out of those mixers with three + mixes submitted in year)
BEST NEWCOMER – (out of those mixers who first submitted a mix in year)
BEST COVER – (admin nominated)
BEST HORIZONTAL MIX EVER! – (admin nominated from complete archive)
BEST BLOG – (admin nominated)

The mixes that win get permanent public hosting forever. Probably won’t be able to do that for best mixer and best newcomer because of bandwidth, so those guys will have to settle for the classic rimjob from a senior citizen.

Update 3: 54 self nominated mixes are listed in the awards section of our forum. Other mixers will nominate 8 out of these mixes to go forward into round 3, the public vote. In the event of a tie in first preference votes, theres a second preference ballot there too. These polls expire after 10 days. In the event of more ties after both ballots, we will add extra rounds of quick fire ballots between the polls ending and the public vote to separate the mixes tying.