Welcome to version 7 of b00mb0x. Special thanks from assorted and I go to iluvaxlrose and ambientfusion, who contributed towards this update, which was a little overdue.

Changes from version 6:

All mp3 links should now be valid for those with access to the archive. That means there’s 21 GB of mixes from the last 4.5 years available to download to those with access as well as 800 MB of publicly accessible mixes – all on supafast HTTP servers. We want to hear about any that are not valid, but our link checker program reckons we are good to go. Thanks to iluvaxlrose who helped assorted and I fix these links.

New design. Thanks to ambientfusion who supplied a part of it with his site cover for this month. After three years of the old design, we were due a change.

New FAQ and tutorials.
Contradictory tutorial and FAQ information has been removed and the FAQ has been trimmed down and updated with new details.

Donations. We had $202.30 in charges for this month and $89.00 in donations. 90 dollars in donations a month obviously kicks ass, but doing the math, we’d go down regardless. Donators from now on donate a set amount, which hopefully will keep us treading water. Anyone who’s already donated need not donate again, you still have access to the archives. The same goes for our superstar mixers. I tried to automate this, but couldn’t so the lag between donating and downloading archived mixes remains. If you can’t afford to donate, make sure to check the site often for public mixes and consider joining the mailing list.

Subscriptions and Notifications. We’ve had a join the b00mb0x email list for quite some time and theres a few hundred folks on it. Problem is, it’s rarely updated. We’ve automated this so members of the list will receive a notification when there’s a new mix. It’s where the old list was, at the bottom right of the page.

b00mbl0g forum. Mixers who haven’t regged on the forum may want to for some goodies.

Help requested. If you use an audio program not covered in our modest tutorials, please consider helping everyone out by making your own. If you need help with how to capture screenshots, let us know. We’d also like people to help out with our blog, as several of our regular bloggers are offline for an extended period.

That’s it! Enjoy version 7!