Thanks to a flurry of donations, we’ve been able to expand our webhosting plan and are now slowly putting the archive (all the mixes) back online. These mixes are available to mixers and/or folks that have donated money to our bandwidth which is fucking gigantic. Newer mixes are available to everyone, but just the front page at the moment. As it comes up I’ll be linking it here so you can know what’s now available.

As of today, April 16, the following months of mixes are back online:
July 02, August 02, September 02, October 02, November 02 and December 02.

As of today, April 14, the following months of mixes are back online:
January 2002, February 2002, March 2002, April 2002, May 2002, and June 2002.

As of today, April 13, the following months of mixes are back online:
February 2001, March 2001, April 2001, May 2001, June 2001, July 2001, August 2001, September 2001, October 2001, November 2001, and December 2001.

As of tonight, mixes from January 04, February 04, March 04 and April 04 are back online.

as of the 9th of April , mixes from January 05, February 05, March 05 are back online.

as of today (9th of April again) following mixes are on the archive: December 03, November 03, October 03, September 03, August 03, July 03, June 03, May 03, April 03, March 03, February 03, January 03.

Mixers and bandwidth donators can email us for a password if they have not received one yet.