Check out the nominees below. All nominated mixes are available via high speed servers. Once you’re familiar.

Best Mix

10000 Spoons – Mini-Mix 2

Briscoe – Better than Botox

DJ Riko – Latter Day Taints

GeezerMexxer – Sweet Old School Mix

LeMont Blanc – Keep Thinking Free

LV15 – DRUM!

Mr Wyse – Raincheck Mix

mwude – Miss Out Monday

Best Mixer



DJ Bacon

DJ Boiled Mouse

DJ Riko


Jools MF

LeMont Blanc

Mr Wyse


Best Remix

10000 Spoons – Teardrops in the Air

DJ Bacon – You Win Again 2004 Dance Mix

DJ Fab – persuaders midnight mix

DJ Riko – Also Sprach Happy

GeezerMexxer – Alligator 101 Remix

Mixomatosis – Someone’s Second Scrub

Mr Wyse – Fix up, look sharp remix

Best Remix (Cont’d)

Orutrance – Share Paradise

Salvatore – Dead Blues

Shir Khan – Girls on Top

Spiny Norman – Show Me How To Live On These Evil Streets

SquAr3 – Madanoky

STP – Hardest Button Too Slow

Steve Rotunda – Weird Song

Tmunki – The hardest button to finally button on

Best Punk Mix EVAH!

assorted – What the fuck kind of Country we living up in here?

Briscoe – Punk Funk

Fantom – No Ordinary Gerbil

Malk-a-mite – Punk love

Mek – Stuff

Montana Sloan – I love you so much it’s tearing us both apart

Squid – General Mayhem

Best Blog

assorted & Davion : Rosenberg – The First Season DVD

Bluegerm: American Splendor

Dj Crypticon: Ska is Dead Tour

JackUzi: The Streets – A Grand Don’t Come For Free

Protos: Music Review 2003

naz: Bolt from the Blue – The Michael Bolton Story