We love people who make new material.

We currently accept mixes uploaded to our server by FTP. FTP will work with Internet Explorer, but a dedicated application like CuteFTP will allow you to resume and do other fun stuff. New mixers can get the ftp upload details by emailing us.We have limited space on the upload server so 200 MB per upload session is about enough for a couple of high bitrate mixes and should be fine.

Most mixes are between 20-80 minutes and encoded at 256kbs or lower (I recommend lowest quality variable bitrate with min/max bitrate set at 32kbs/320kbs if using CDex or RazorLame).

Most mixes have front, back and insert covers. Covers are considered an important part of the mix (like any good mix tape or mix cd) but are not required. Check around the site for peoples covers to see examples. I appreciate a band list for any mix.

We have a file size limit of 125 MB per mix.

Once your mix (and tracklist and covers and description, if you want) are uploaded and complete, let us know with an email. We generally post it within a month of it being uploaded, sometimes a lot sooner.

You can link your mix on other sites but not by using the direct link to the mp3. You can link as follows:

Your mix will appear on a page in the site like so: http://b00mb0x.org/front/cat_your_mixer_name.html. Beneath your mixes are listed. Beside the comments there is a 6 digit code. Add ?#? and this code to the link of your page for a link to your mix, with covers and comments included. The link will look something like this http://b00mb0x.org/front/cat_your_mixer_name.html#090889.

It looks far more complicated than it actually is, but it?s the best system we have. We won?t be able to host hotlinked mp3s for very long otherwise, but we are happy to host your mixes permanently on a high speed server if you link to us as above.

That?s it. Submitting a mix to b00mb0x also gets you, if you like, a b00mb0x email (which you can access via the web). You can also then contribute to the blog and gallery if you so wish. And let’s not forget the undying respect of your friends and loved ones. We used to give rimjobs from senior citizens but then the courts got involved.