The fast server is down while we do a little bit of fiddling with the configuration. In the meantime, our trusty ftp will satisfy your mix needs, albeit at a lower transfer rate. A download manager is recommended when downloading from the ftp server.

Update: The server is back up now, but will not acccept external links, just links from b00mb0x. So if you’ve followed the link to a mix from another website, you will get a 403 access error.

Mixers who want to link their mix externally without throwing up these errors can follow one of these 2 methods:

1) Go to your page

Under the new post there’s a code of numbers, append # followed by these numbers for a direct and permanent link to your mix.

2) Open the ftp here. Find your mix. Right-click it and select properties. The url of the file appears, copy and paste it. This is also a permanent link, but the server is generally slower.

I’ll stick all this in a new FAQ shortly.