With the FTP server seemingly down for some time, this seems like a good time to note there are other ways to get the mixes on this site other then the direct links. simply note the name of the file any link on this site is pointing to, and grab it via any of these ways:

AIM – Username is b00mb0t – you can highlight ‘him’ and grab whatever files you need. don’t try to chat with ‘him’ as he is simply a file transfer bot and won’t respond.

IRC – server irc.ctcp.net – channel #nusounds – if you are aquainted with IRC, there is a filetrading bot in #nusounds named |b00mb0t| where you can aquire any mix you see on the site.

the ftp server will hopefully be back up soon and will also hopefully be a LOT more stable soon (i’m upgrading the machine to xp). Streams of the latest mixes continue to be available.