Location: Um. England?
Website: http://www.makesomenoise.co.uk/
Comments: The love child of a relative of a famous politician and a German chambermaid. Andreas grew up in relative poverty deep in the South East of Russia. Still following me? Nope? Good.

Introduced to this craze known as “bootlegging”, “bastard pop” and “mashups”, way back in mid 2002, A few ideas buzzed about but, without the musical talent, Andreas decided to ask his new mates on the GYBO board if they would do it for him. They all told him to get lost, so he had no alternative but to give up his fruitless ambition to hear one of his ideas on his stereo.

Finally persuaded to have a go himself, he unleashed hell by creating the most uninspiring bootleg known to ma: two unknown album tracks from Atomic kitten and Moby. The response was phenomenal, with comments ranging from, “technically it works” to, “lacking subversive intent”. It was enough to get poor Churchill hooked on this artform and decided to try his hand at a more interesting bootleg.

Unfortunately, he then came up with something using a rap vocal, which as he soon learned isn’t that hard because it hardly has any key changes, blah blah blah. Anyway, things did seem to be getting slightly better, with “King of Woolworths vs. Tweet” even provoking a few good words from McSleazy and GHP and a few others followed which continued on the chilled theme.

“Foolish Sonnet” soon followed and the people went mad. One person suggested it made Ashanti’s vocals more heartfelt. The Verve vocals had people split in two camps. Some liked it, some wished it didn’t have any Verve vocals. It seems it was this moment that some people actually thought Churchill might become a good bootlegger. They were wrong.

The rate of production slowed somewhat and “Bug-a-lo” followed. It worked, but as an “RnB vs. RnB” boot, it didn’t get that much acclaim. It did however go on to be hijacked by Kiss FM mixers and also had a video made for it for digital channels Kiss TV and Q TV.

A few months later, Churchill aimed his next bootleg at the dance floor by coming up with perhaps one of the best ”Work It” bootlegs around, which even made it into a Strictly Kev DJ set at Bastard, and followed bug a lo onto the TV! It also gave Churchill his first appearance on XFM’s The Remix.

Churchill then took a break from it all resting his bootleggery, honing his skills with the occasional unreleased bootleg set and doing other unrelated stuff, before returning with his latest effort, “Cleaning Out My Fly”. The reaction, despite the use of Eminem was that Churchill seemed to be improving

Again it went quiet until a sudden change of direction. Churchill discovered drum loops and had a bit of fun remixing “Del Shannon – Runaway” and started wanting to drop a drum loop in everything he did from then on.

We end our story with a DJ appearance at Bastard where he played a few new unreleased tracks, gained a rather hardcore fan (stalker), got his second airing on XFM, played at West Of Bastard, had a break from the scene, came back and did a “Cease And Desist Night”, continued to make more posts on the GYBO board than anyone else and still has yet to make another good bootleg.